Water Bottle Straw Top (Top Only)

Sher-wood/InGlas Co

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Drink more water.

Stay hydrated by getting your water in your mouth, not all over your face.  This long tipped straw top gets water thru your hockey helmet cage and into your mouth.

  • Straw Top design is ideal for sport players wearing face cages
  • Fits Traditional, Tall Boy and NHL logo Sher-wood 1000ml water bottles
  • Sher-wood 1000 ml (1 liter) water bottle top
  • Made for Sher-wood, Sherwood, and InGlas Co bottles

(**Rumored to fit Green Gatorade Sports Water Bottles)

PLEASE TIGHTEN cap tightly, as these Straw Top Water Bottle Tops are known to leak if you do not firmly fasten.