About Hockey Fox

After working in Hollywood for 18 years (36 Feature Films, including helping design many super hero films), J. Andre. exited the industry and moved to Kentucky where he re-fell in love with a sport he played in his youth -- Hockey.   

Accidentally purchasing a skate sharpening machine, because of not finding anyone who knew consistently what they were doing in the local area, he started helping friends with their skates and just wanted to buy 12 pairs of laces to help local friends.  This action started Hockey Fox (Firetruck Inc. d.b.a. Hockey Fox) as local hockey players asked for more and more types of hockey equipment.

Great friends in the Hockey industry helped connect me to the best equipment in the the game, and Hockey Fox has grown year after year selling more and more hockey brands that players love.

Along the way, we have moved from getting one small box of hockey gear a month, unpacked into the garage and basement, to receiving pallets of products weekly to our warehouse.

We want Hockey Fox to be your one stop shop to fast, easily, and reliably get your Hockey gear.


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Thank you for trusting Hockey Fox to help you keep in the game!